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About Us

CiFrame Ltc. has been working in the web development market for more than 10 years. Over time, we replaced the initial specialization of website creation with the integration of cloud services with sites and business processes.

We sincerely believe that efficient and profitable small business is the basis for economic development, therefore, all our efforts are aimed at automating and improving the efficiency of our clients' businesses.

The company operates on short sales cycles, for this reason, our business processes are built so that we give the desired result in a short time. For the same reason, we try to avoid lengthy communications within small tasks, and our solutions are not always flexible to configure. But, be sure that they perform their functions, which are designed to improve the efficiency of client businesses.

CiFrame is a partner with important SaaS services for the market, which allows you to act more effectively in the interests of supported and supported customers.

Open to cooperation with any type of organization, the goals and functions of which are combined with our goal - to increase the efficiency of small and micro businesses.