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Data transfer from Bitrix24

Specializing in integration, CiFrame has a number of developments in the migration of data between different CRM systems. The final cost should be specified by the company representatives.

Bitrix24 simplifies work processes: discussion and coordination, task control, work with clients.

Official website:

Apply to CiFrame for your bonus:
+ 5% discount;
12 additional users for half a year or 5 GB of space in the cloud for six months or a year;

CiFrame is the official partner of Bitrix24, which implies constant support of the integration for the entire period of work with Bitrix24.

List of Integrations for Bitrix24 with:

Even if you do not find the service you need or the direction of transferring data between CRM systems in the list, make a request, we will happily review your task.


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