Hosting for CiFrame integrations

The CiFrame company provides its own servers to work out the integrations made by our team.

Often, average integrations may fail due to hosting limits or restrictions. For this reason, unfortunately, it is rather problematic to guarantee 100% functionality of the integration on one or another hosting, for these purposes there is a support regulation. And, we have even made a special tool that gives a basic understanding of whether your hosting is "friendly" to our integrations or not.

Some hostings make concessions on server reconfiguration, some do not.

Using our hosting to integrate:

  • speed of development is accelerated (because our server is configured by default for most of our integrations);
  • the number of communications is reduced, because the communications related to the hosting work are found entirely on our side;
  • support for integration in the "Basic" tariff according to the support regulations ;
  • payment for hosting starts from the moment of closing the integration work, i.e. when you are 100% sure of the functionality of the integration;

In the provision of hosting for rent, we use the concept of "accommodation slot". A hosting slot is the server capacity provided to run one of our integrations.

Cost of 1 "placement slot" :
  • for 3 months - $24.
  • for 6 months - $45.
  • for 1 year - $85.

For ease of understanding, we do not operate with technical requirements, but with client data, namely:

  • data exchange up to 10,000 goods;
  • a place to store files up to 5 GB (for example, xml file uploads to marketplaces are used);
  • period of data exchange, which can be selected in a short period of time - 5 minutes (uploading orders, updating statuses, sending SMS, etc.);
  • the period of exchange of data that is downloaded in full - 1 hour (updating information on goods, the exact recovery time should be specified in addition before the start of integration);

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