As an integrator company, which has a certain expertise and weight in the market of cloud services, we offer several types of partnership.


Cloud service. We post information about services on the site when there is a need to integrate your services with other cloud services or cms platforms. If your business is willing to transfer leads for integration or is willing to post information about us as integrators on your site, then we will be happy to post information about your service on our site. Also with this information, we will post information about integrations that may be useful for your customers.

Affiliate program

A client can be attached to a partner if the partner can provide proof that the client came on the recommendation of the partner no later than two working days after the client's application. The partner receives an affiliate commission of 5-10% depending on the types of tasks that the client orders within 2 years from the date of the first payment for the order by the client. Integrations and development of tools for services in which the service is offered by our partner program are not included in the calculation of the partner commission.

White label

Partners can market our services as their own. All communication with the client is on the partner's side. Interaction with the partner takes place within the framework of the business processes of our company. All software solutions within this type of partnership are coded and prohibited for resale without our participation.


Have you already used our services? Were you satisfied? Can you recommend us to your friends, partners or customers? In this case, we are ready to provide a deposit in the amount of USD 25. for each given client. The deposit can be used to order other services by you.

We will be glad to strengthen your company with our expertise.

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