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Shopify is a trading platform that allows you to automate online sales by creating a retail store.
Shopify allows you to create a professional online store, connect payment systems to it, as well as use Shopify POS.

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Integration & Connectors Shopify with: Google Sheets, Telegram, Wordpress Woocommerce, Etsy, Quickbooks, Erply, Suppliers

Shopify + Google Sheets

Google Sheets. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Google sheets Shopify Integration

Google Sheets and Shopify integration allows you to connect your Shopify store with a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This integration allows you to easily transfer data from your Shopify store to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and vice versa.

For example, you can use this integration to automatically track and update information such as your sales data, product details, customer information, and more. This makes it easy for you to access, analyze, and use this data for various purposes, such as for creating reports, tracking inventory, or automating business processes.

Basic integration allows:
- transfer information and orders to Google Spreadsheet;
- transfer product information from Google tables to Shopify;

Custom integration implies the possible implementation of both a part of a task and more detailed automated actions between two services.

The integration fee is a one-time fee. Hosting is required for the integration to work.

Overall, the Google Sheets and Shopify integration provides a convenient and efficient way to manage and analyze your store's data, helping you make data-driven decisions and streamline your business processes.

Integration deadline: up to 15 business days

Shopify + Telegram

Telegram. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Telegram bot with products from Shopify

  • Creating your own Telegram bot menu;
  • Different types of Telegram bot menu;
  • Custom banners for key application pages;
  • Syncing data of Shopify products with Telegram bot ;
  • Uploading product collections to Telegram bot ;
  • Receiving Orders from Telegram bot to the Shopify backoffice;
  • Completing an order based on your Shopify store's shopping cart

Shopify + Wordpress Woocommerce

Wordpress Woocommerce. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.
Shopify Woocommerce integration

Shopify Woocommerce integration

Shopify and WooCommerce are two popular e-commerce platforms that allow businesses to build and manage online stores. While both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, integration between the two can provide businesses with additional functionality and versatility.

API integrations can allow businesses to seamlessly manage products, orders, and customer data across both platforms.

For example, an integration could allow a business to manage their product inventory in WooCommerce and have that information automatically reflected in their Shopify store. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors that can occur when manually updating two separate systems.

Integration between Shopify and WooCommerce can also allow businesses to take advantage of the unique features offered by each platform. For instance, a business could use WooCommerce for its robust shipping and tax options, and Shopify for its easy-to-use checkout and payment processing.

Overall, integrating Shopify and WooCommerce can provide businesses with a powerful e-commerce solution that combines the best of both platforms. However, it's important to carefully consider the specific needs of a business before deciding to integrate the two systems, as this can require a significant investment of time and resources.

Payment for integration is one-time. You will need hosting for the integration to work permanently.

Shopify + Etsy

Etsy. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Integrate Shopify with Etsy

Automatic connector Shopify to Etsy. Integrate products from Shopify to Etsy.
One-time payment. Runs on the client's hosting.

Shopify + Quickbooks

Shopify and Quickbooks integration

API integration service for Shopify and QuickBooks Online. We offer a one-time payment server integration for Shopify. The integration will ensure perfect synchronization with your accounting platform, QuickBooks Online.

Basic integration functionality: each time you receive a new order in Shopify, all its details will automatically be sent to QuickBooks. A new invoice will appear on the platform, allowing you to easily and efficiently manage your business accounting. Get the maximum benefit from both platforms, ensuring seamless accounting and control.

Hosting is required for integration. Also, we will be happy to answer any questions or provide an estimate for custom integration.

Shopify + Erply

Erply. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Erply and Shopify integration

Erply's API integration with Shopify provides the following features:

- Uploading new products from Shopify to Erply with the necessary data (it is possible to upload products from Erply).
- Ability to interact with Erply accounts based on information in Shopify.
- Ability to work with product variations.
- Updating the price and balance of goods on the site according to the schedule.
- Creation of counterparties and uploading orders from Shopify to Erply.
- Synchronization of order statuses from Shopify to Erply.
- Additional sync options on demand.

Shopify + Suppliers

Shopify and Suppliers Integration

Shopify and Suppliers integration allows you to upload a product line to your site

Integration deadline: up to 7 business days

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