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Etsy - Applications, development, connectors, and integrations

Catalog of services for integration

Etsy offers a wide range of services and tools that help entrepreneurs start, increase and manage their business. Etsy community includes creative entrepreneurs who sell unique products.

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Integration & Connectors Etsy with: Shopify, Wordpress, Method.me, MyStore

Etsy + Shopify

Shopify. Connectors, modules, and scripts for implementation and integration.

Integrate Shopify with Etsy
Automatic connector Shopify to Etsy. Integrate products from Shopify to Etsy.
One-time payment. Runs on the client's hosting.

Etsy + Wordpress

Wordpress. Connectors, modules, and scripts for implementation and integration.

Downloading orders from Etsy to Wordpress Woocommerce
Orders are unloaded taking into account that the articles or product names in Etsy and WP coincide.

The script is run via cron (scheduled)

Integration deadline: up to 12 business days

Etsy + Method.me

Integration MethodCRM and Etsy
The integration of MethodCRM and Etsy provides the following features:

- Transfer of the Price of goods with MethodCRM on the Etsy
- Transfer the balance of goods from MethodCRM to the Etsy
- Transfer orders from the Etsy to MethodCRM

- Additional functionality as needed

Etsy + MyStore

Integration MyStore and Etsy
Etsy and MyStore integration via api

Integration features:
- Uploading new products from MyStore to Etsy (new products can be downloaded from the site upon request).
- Updating of the prices and the remains of goods of the website according to the schedule.
- Creating contractors and unloading orders from the site in MyStore.
- This solution allows you to work with product card images via api, including the ability to add additional images through additional product card fields in MyStore.

Integration deadline: up to 16 business days

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