Update Statuses and Order details

1. In 90% of cases, it is about updating Statuses between your system and the online store. It does not matter whether the online store will be Opencart or Woocommerce, whether you use some standard integration, it also does not matter.

If you need to update statuses from one system to another, we can implement a similar task. Most often, we recommend a one-way status update, which is cheaper to implement than a two-way one. Also, one-way updating adds order to your business processes, as a result, you understand which department or employee and on which side the status changes.

2. Why automatically update statuses? Each status is a part of your business - process, each business is unique and statuses can also be unique.

In the simplest form, the statuses New, Ready for shipment, Shipments, Executions can be for an online store, but, for example, when integrating with delivery services, you can bind the stages of delivery statuses, then you and your managers can at any time determine on at what stage of delivery or business process is this or that Order.

That is why, for example, Shopify or Ebay have many different statuses, which gives the maximum picture of the order delivery process and any customer questions. Whether your business needs such a number of statuses is up to you. With a large number of statuses, you are unlikely to be able to discipline your managers to manually change them, but with automatic status updates for a certain event, it is possible.

3. Certain order details may change along with statuses. For example, the TTN number can be updated, or, if an order is in progress, the return waybill number can be updated. In our practice, there are businesses in which more than two dozen additional fields for automatic change may be involved when changing the status or certain details of an order. Such detailed logic of automatic order change is difficult to implement, but if the client's business process requires it, we can implement almost any automatic order change that will make your business more efficient.

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