Without further ado

We create a reliable technical background

Our experience allows us to automate many business processes. Knowledge of services allows offering a comprehensive approach. We save time for your employees, make complex business data accessible and transparent for business management.
  • Service Integration API
  • Development of tools
  • Experience in ecommerce
  • Internal services
We create a reliable technical background
of experience
We work for the result

Why CiFrame?

We bring the work to the end
With us, you 100% get the result you need
We have transparent and innovative conditions for supporting our work
Phased work
In order to eliminate risks and fears, we support phased evaluation and implementation of projects.
Your ideas are our implementation
Your ideas are our implementation
Business processes

We cover the technical needs of modern business

Website Integrations (CMS)
Integration with CRM
Access to marketplaces
Automation of messages
Automation of delivery
Processing of supplier prices
Working cases

Specific solutions for
your business

You can refer to the experience of our customers and choose already proven solutions that can be useful for your business
Our prices

Flexibility in pricing

Modular solutions
Typical solutions in integrations and tools that other businesses have used before
Ability to use tools or solutions with monthly payment
Custome development
The ability to refine existing solutions for your business, or create new ones.
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average cost

Basic integration

  • one time payment
  • 1 month of support
CiFrame. Pricing API integration. Subscription. Icon


average cost


  • payment every month
  • constant support
Етапи роботи

We offer a transparent
mechanism and phasing of works

Technical task

Discussing the differences from basic integration

Access control

Accesses must have read and write rights to the relevant entities

Test run

Test update or download of a separate number of items


Run and verify the result with all relevant integration entities
Questions and answers

A few frequently asked questions

  • What is the deadline for the implementation of the task?
    The average implementation period for most integrations is 10-15 working days.
  • What is needed to start the integration?
    To start the integration, you need to discuss and fix the technical task, make the payment for the integration, and also send all the necessary accesses for work.
  • Is hosting required for integrations?
    Yes, most integrations require hosting, if you don't have it, our managers will help you choose it.
  • Do you have integration support?
    Yes, we support the functionality of integrations free of charge within 30 days from the moment of completion, given according to the regulations.
Frequently asked questions about the integration process

Own knowledge base with
features of various services

Integrations have been completed
Integrations are available

Start the evaluation
and implementation process

Integration and connectors with services
Integration with services is possible:
CMS (WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify), CRM (ZohoCRM), payments, shipment services, marketplaces (Etsy, Ebay) and many others. Almost all modern cloud services can be integrated.
free consultation
Businessmen received a free consultation

Free consultation

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