Implementation, synchronization and API integration Ebay

The world-famous marketplace is a platform for the sale of new and second-hand goods.

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Integration & Connectors Ebay with: Wordpress Woocommerce, PerfexCRM,

Ebay + Wordpress Woocommerce

Wordpress Woocommerce. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Downloading orders from Ebay to Wordpress

Integration is designed to discharge incoming orders from eBay into WordPress. Goods in ebay and wordpress must have an identifier that allows the goods to be compared. The script works autonomously, for this you need to configure the crown (task scheduler).

If necessary, a plug-in can be added to send the track number of the order. The track number entered inside the order WordPress with the help of the plugin is transferred to the order on the eBay platform. Check with the manager.

Integration deadline: up to 15 business days



Ebay + PerfexCRM

PerfexCRM. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

PerfexCRM and Ebay integration module

The PerfexCRM and Ebay integration module provides the following features:

- Upload new products from Perfexcrm to Ebay
- Update product price from Perfexcrm to Ebay
- Update the rest of the goods from Perfexcrm to Ebay
- Linking goods by Code or Article in Perfexcrm.
- Creating clients and uploading new orders



Ebay + Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Integration MethodCRM and Ebay

The integration of MethodCRM and Ebay provides the following features:

- Synchronization of the Price of goods with MethodCRM on the Ebay
- Synchronize the balance of goods from MethodCRM to the Ebay
- Upload orders from the Ebay to MethodCRM

- Additional functionality as needed



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