Automatic translation

The first thing that customers face is the organization of several languages on the site, many online stores were not ready for such a transition and cannot do it quickly. Active work on functionality in some cloud services made it possible to quickly close a similar issue, but it is more difficult with different cms systems.

We are available to advise and assist in adding such functionality for various website platforms, but this is only part of the challenge. The business also needs to translate product names and descriptions, which involves a lot of manual work. In this part, our expertise can be very useful.

We have experience in automatically translating products, regardless of the source of these products. We mostly use google translate API in our work. It is not free, but according to our observations, it is cheaper than manual translation of products by your managers, and thanks to our integrations, you can automate part of the business processes related to the translation of pages, product information and other data.

Recently, ChatGPT for translation has also been actively used. With ChatGPT, for example, you can save HTML markup after translation. And we also know how to do it automatically.

Also, business began to look for new markets. In our practice, clients needed automatic translation in Portuguese, Polish, and Greek languages. In these cases, our integrations and automatic translation functionality also become very relevant. Modern technologies allow automatic translation into any language.

Automatic translation involves saving the result of the translation and part of the structural data in the internal server cache stored in the database. This allows you to save on the cost of the process when part of the data for translation is repeated. You can read the cost of Google translate API, the cost of our work is discussed separately depending on the type data, their quantity and the final logic of translation.

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