Creating payment links

A business that does not have an automatic payment system can hardly be called optimized. When the number of orders in a business increases, the time spent by managers on creating payment invoices, processing and checking actual payments increases proportionally. Business efficiency suffers from this and business cannot develop. All the managers' time is spent on routine operations.

We have extensive expertise in working with payment systems and implementing various processes for working with payment services, banks or payment acceptance and verification tools. We can set up and implement similar business processes by integrating your site or your CRM system with any payment system that has an API. Such systems are: Paypal, Stripe, Wise etc.

When working with these payment services, you can automatically generate invoices or payment links, and check the actual payment.

Also, with our help, you can implement automatic verification of actual payments due to integration with banking APIs and statements. Upon actual receipt of the payment, you can organize certain automatic actions in your CMS/CRM system.

In the international market, we also have significant expertise and can connect the following payment systems: 2checkout, Adyen,, Squareup, Payu, as well as a number of local markets.

Also, you may find it useful to automatically generate a PDF/XLS invoice for a settlement account and send it by e-mail, without binding to any payment service, but with binding to your CRM/CMS system.

Let's summarize.
For your counterparties in the CRM system, we can generate payment links in a specific payment system.
On your hosting or website, we can generate a page with a selection of different payments, payment confirmation checkboxes, with a full and detailed description of what the payment is for.
We can generate an invoice factor document that will be generated in your CRM, on your hosting, or automatically sent by e-mail to the client.
We can organize an automatic payment check in the payment system
We can arrange a payment check on your bank accounts.
We can also organize automatic actions in your CRM/CMS system depending on or as a result of processing the above.

If you have an interest in any bank or payment system not previously listed, with which you would like to set up a separate integration. Write us about it.

Whatever payment system you are trying to connect, contact us for advice. We will be able to estimate the cost and feasibility of the synchronization you described.

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