Connecting Google Sheets to an external application or platform

Google Sheets can be connected to an external application or platform using the Google API. Using the API, developers can programmatically access and update data in Sheets, making it easy to integrate Sheets with other applications and platforms.

We, as developers, can use the API to create various reports, integrations for customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or create custom integrations based on data. The API also provides a wide range of functions to create, read, update and delete data in Tables. With these features, we can build powerful applications that use the data in Tables to provide valuable information and services.

Google Sheets can also be connected to external data sources, such as databases, web services, or other applications. This allows us as developers to easily access and update data from external sources and use it in our Spreadsheets applications. We can create custom functions that can be used to calculate data in Tables and make them available for use in other applications.

What real cases are we talking about?

Warehouse accounting in Google Sheets

In cloud CRM systems, there is no possibility to refine the interface or functionality to suit your needs. If we talk about 1C products, many businesses still use these applications, but in their essence it is already archaic software, although it may cover certain business needs.

But what should a business do when it has, for example, dozens of price lists from different suppliers, different pricing and types of processing of these prices. Most often, the business orders the processing of each price, prescribing formulas for each separately through developers.

It can be very expensive to develop and maintain such a price processing system, so there is another way. You can organize product management in Google Sheets. In this case, transferring part of the functionality to Google Sheets, writing formulas for different types of prices, or other types of data in Google Sheets can simplify certain of your business processes, because the knowledge of Excel is actually basic, which most employees who are hired as a manager have. The business needs to weigh all the "pros" and "againsts" of such processing of the product nomenclature, but it can be an alternative to the limitations of your system or current business processes.

Order processing in Google Sheets

In our practice, even the basic functionality of CRM systems is better than keeping track of orders in google sheets, but we have cases where it is easier for businesses to process orders in google sheets. What can we say, if, even in our country, lead generation is partially tied to Google forms.

For example, we can implement custom integrations between Shopify and Google Spreadsheets, which greatly simplifies order processing.

Improvement of secondary business processes in Google Sheets

Google sheets are often used in those cases when the business is not ready to embed a certain type of data in its main direction, so as not to confuse and burden managers, for example. As a rule, this is when a business tries to branch out and experiment with new directions.

Automated financial accounting in Google Sheets

A small business does not delve too deeply into the study of financial transactions, the business develops more complex automated systems of accounting and verification of transactions. Units of banks have APIs for the possibility of automated transaction processing. Also we can do some manipulation with exported transactions. According to our observations, all banks have this functionality.

Integrating a Google Spreadsheet with an online store is a great idea. This can help simplify the process of inventory management, order tracking, and customer data management. By connecting a spreadsheet to your online store, it allows for real-time data updates and makes it easy to make changes quickly. In addition, it can help automate tasks such as creating invoices, sending emails, and tracking sales.

This integration can help make your online store much more efficient and organized. Integrating Google Spreadsheet with your online store is a great idea that can make your job a lot easier.

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