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What is a marketplace in simple terms?

Marketplace is an online platform for the sale, purchase of goods and services, an e-commerce platform that provides information about a product or service of third parties.
It is also a place where a variety of goods from different sellers are offered around the clock online, an Internet platform where sellers and buyers find each other and interact with each other.
It is important to understand that marketplaces themselves do not sell anything. Their main tasks are quite different:
  • Increase sales.
  • Attract additional traffic.
  • To promote goods and services.

  • Help you get your business up and running quickly.
  • Simplify logistics.
  • Expand the geography of presence.

The principle of the marketplace: how do they sell here?

The seller registers on the site, creates an account. Next, enter your details. After that, the seller fills in the product cards, adds a photo, a text description, and uploads the articles. Be sure to wait for the approval of the moderators of his application, after which he just starts working.
At the next stage, the seller updates the availability of its products in the warehouse and can wait for orders from buyers.
The buyer searches for the goods he is interested in in the catalogs of the marketplace, adds them to the cart, pays for the purchase.
The seller sends the customer's order to the required pickup point by delivery service.

What products are better to sell on the marketplace?

The most popular will be products with consistently high demand, proper quality and competitive price. Among such items are souvenirs, smartphones, auto products, toys.

Placement on the marketplace is an excellent solution for start-up businessmen and small companies that may not yet have their own warehouses and logistics departments. Companies that copy popular brands also feel good on marketplaces.

Every day, marketplaces receive a large flow of traffic, and at the same time they are an excellent start for launching your own business on the Internet. Marketplaces attract potential buyers with an excellent choice of goods, the ability to compare retailers' prices for similar types of products and choose the most profitable option, saving their time and money.
According to suppliers and buyers at the beginning of 2023, the largest marketplaces are: Amazon, Ebay, Allegro, Olx etc.
Placement in marketplaces

Is it possible to integrate api with the marketplace and how can it be useful?

Marketplaces help small businesses find new customers and sell more products without much effort and investment. At the start, selling goods on marketplaces will be much more profitable than through your own online store: you do not need to invest in development and promotion, and also constantly monitor that the site works. All this is already done for you, thanks to which you can quickly launch and start receiving orders.

For a business that uses a CRM system to record sales, api integration with a marketplace will be very useful, with its help it is possible not only to maintain advanced inventory control, manage orders, sales and company finances. You can also automate the uploading of goods to the personal account of the marketplace, record requests from potential customers in order to convert them into successful orders and sales.

To develop integration with marketplaces, you need to have programming skills, or contact professionals who will help in this implementation.

With our help, you can implement integration with any of the marketplaces that technically supports it, for example, we offer integration between Dilovod and which allows you to get the following functionality:
- Vivantage of nomenclature from Dilovod y Prom;
- Synchronization of product categories;
- Synchronіzacіya vartostі product, surplus;
- Vivantage of Prom at Dilovod;
- Synchronization of the statuses of the order directly from Dilovod to Prom;

If for some reason you do not use the CRM system for accounting, then you can directly integrate the online store and the marketplace with each other, in this case we can offer, for example, integration between Opencart and Rozetka, which will help implement the following functionality:
- Vivantage nomenclature from OpenCart at Rozetka for additional xml "feed";
- Synchronization of product categories;
- Synchronіzacіya vartostі product, surplus;
- Possibility of vivantage of product characteristics from OpenCart;
- Vivantage promotion from Rozetka from OpenCart;
- Synchronization of statuses;

Even if your business uses Google Sheets for work, they can also be integrated with marketplaces, albeit with limited functionality.

Thanks to integration with the marketplace, you can significantly speed up the addition of your products to your online store on the marketplace. That is, integration allows you to update product data automatically.

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