Implementation, synchronization and API integration Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a system that allows you to control sales, marketing, customer support.

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Transfer and data migration from Zoho CRM

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Integration & Connectors Zoho CRM with: OpenCart,

Zoho CRM + OpenCart

OpenCart. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.
Integration of Opencart with Zoho CRM

Integration of Opencart with Zoho CRM

- Synchronization of goods Zoho CRM and Opencart (any version);
- Downloading new site orders to the "Transactions";

Integration deadline: up to 16 business days

Zoho CRM +

Updating the balance of goods from Zoho Inventory to Wolt

Updating the balance of goods from Zoho Inventory to Wolt

This tool transfers stock inventory from Zoho Inventory to via the Wolt API. You can also segment product uploads using various options available in your CRM system.

The tool uses a PHP script and is run using cron. The balance update time is usually about 20 minutes, depending on the number of items. Hosting is required for this tool to function.

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