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Telegram bot for an online store: A convenient solution for communicating with customers
Trading on the Internet is one of the most popular areas in the business world today. Thanks to a variety of tools, online store developers can offer entrepreneurs a unique design and easy navigation on the site. However, online shopping is not without its drawbacks.

One of the main problems of online stores is the lack of a direct connection between the buyer and the store. You can add an "live" chat widget, but often this widget collects 2-3 clicks for the whole month. Text chat on the site is also not an option, since communication in this format is extremely inconvenient. This is where telegram bots come into play.

Creating a telegram bot is a meticulous process that our company's specialists are engaged in. Using the tools provided by the messenger, we can create for you a convenient communication channel between your customers and managers. This will significantly increase the level of loyalty on the part of the buyer, and will enable you to improve the level of service within the company.

Telegram bots can be used in the following industries:
  • Trade and services
  • Transport and communications
  • IT infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and financial sector
  • Medicine

Why entrepreneurs choose telegram bots?

It’s worth starting with the fact that telegram as a social messenger has become extremely popular over the past few years. The minimalist design and the absence of unnecessary functions, as in the Facebook messenger, make telegrams extremely convenient. In addition, almost all age categories use Telegram for communication.

From a business point of view, creating a communication channel between a consumer and a company using a telegram is more than justified. Your business should be presented where there are as many potential buyers as possible and telegrams are just such a social network. But if he is so good, then why do you need a bot?

Creation of telegram bots is a direction in the field of development that is only gaining momentum. By turning to professionals, you can get the perfect tool for communicating with the client, able to notify him of new arrivals or promotions without annoying E-Mail.

Telegram Bots Development

In addition to contact with the buyer, custom telegram bots developed by us can offer you the following features and functions:

Convenient navigation

Your buyer will have access to all the functions of the online store without the need to visit the site. All information about promotions, new arrivals, special offers and product balances will be available directly in the bot.

Synchronization with your store

A custom telegram bot developed by our specialists will allow you to provide customers with all the information regarding the goods available in stock. Thus, the loyalty of the buyer will only grow, because he will not face the notorious “out of stock” on the site and “in stock” in your news channel.

Online store in telegram

In fact, your customers can immediately make purchases in your Telegram bot store. The client can fill in the required contact information and it will be transferred to your CRM system. If your online store is on the Shopify platform, then you can use our Shopify app Shopagram.

Personal account

Using all the possibilities of telegrams, our company offers bots with a built-in personal account. Your regular customer will be able to track all their purchases, collect cashback and receive special offers without leaving the application.

Communication with the client

The Telegram bot may offer to fill out a questionnaire, take a test, or be able to answer questions about the products and services of your business.

Register a client for your service

Telegram bot will help you book a date and time to visit a doctor, hairdresser, trainer, lawyer, etc. It is also possible to integrate this record with your CRM system, Task management system or Google Calendar.

Automation of engineering processes

Telegram bot can participate in various kinds of calculations and calculations, replacing specialized calculators. The user needs to enter certain data, and according to the results of the calculation, a service, product, equipment or materials is selected.

The listed advantages already make the telegram bot a clear favorite in creating a connection between you and your buyer, however, that's not all. There is one more feature of telegram bots, for which entrepreneurs especially fell in love with them. We will tell you a little more about it.

Statistics and data using telegram bot

Unlike most solutions on the market, such as automatic replies on Instagram or Facebook, the functionality of the telegram bot goes far beyond the usual limits. For example, you can integrate a bot into a CMS / CRM system and receive data from it in a format convenient for you.

This feature greatly simplifies analytics and allows you to collect all data about the site and customer activity in one place. This means that you can forget about the many services for tracking indicators by replacing them with one bot.

Analytics is a tool for success. So, using our telegram bot development services, you will not only get a convenient solution for your customers, but also a data collection tool that combines all services in one.

Pros of using

The chatbot lives in messengers, and this environment is familiar to all users. The bot does not depend on the working hours of the staff, it can be contacted around the clock. It is also significant that you can communicate in the messenger for free.

The bot automatically promptly responds to a question/request and the user does not have to wait for the operator's response to get the desired information.

Development can be less expensive when compared to creating a cross-platform application or your own website, and using a chatbot is much easier.

Having familiarized yourself with the features of telegram bots, you are probably already thinking about ordering it. In this matter, it is worth considering that the quality of the finished bot directly depends on the expertise of the developers. Therefore, we offer you the services of our team to create a bot for your store.

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