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The AlfaSMS company is a leader in the SMS advertising market in Ukraine and European countries. The company provides mobile marketing and non-voice information services, implements mobile technologies in the development of your business.

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Integration & Connectors AlphaSMS with:

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. Connectors, modules, and scripts for implementation and integration.

Integration MyStore and AlphaSMS
Integration MyStore and AlphaSMS gives you the following options:
- Sending messages (SMS) to mobile subscribers on customized podiyam.
- Securing SMS templates in an okremomuyu mySklad.
- Automatic and manual rejection of information about the status of every occasion and transfer to MyWarehouse.
- Otrimannya flow balance.

Update scenarios:
- Scenario of the update of the view, with the choice of the element of the viewer in the additional field
- Scenario for updating the status, with a trigger for changing the status

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