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1C-Bitrix. Solutions, modules and scripts for implementation and integration.

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"1C-Bitrix: Site Management" - a professional web project management system, a universal software product for creating, supporting and successful development:
  - corporate sites
  - online stores
  - information portals
  - community sites
  - social networks and other web projects

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Integration & Connectors 1C-Bitrix with: Vbulletin, Jivosite

1C-Bitrix + Vbulletin

Single registration and authorization for CMS 1C-Bitrix and Vbulletin Forum
Instructions for linking CRM Bitrix accounts and the Vbulletin forum.
Registration on the forum or on the CMS duplicates the account on, respectively, the second product.

1C-Bitrix + Jivosite

JivoSite integration with 1C-Bitrix

1C-Bitrix +

Integration of retailCRM and 1C-Bitrix
Integration of an online store on 1C-Bitrix with retailCRM is performed using module in Bitrix.Marketplace.

After installation, the module will be:

- To unload new orders from 1C-Bitrix to retailCRM
- Update data on existing orders with changes made to 1C-Bitrix
- To unload new orders and customers from retailCRM to 1C-Bitrix
- Update the data on existing orders with the changes made in retailCRM (for example, the order status, the quantity of goods in the order, etc., were changed in retailCRM, these changes will also be reflected in 1C-Bitrix)
- Send to retailCRM information about online payment of the order by the user.

There is also the possibility of finalizing the functionality of the plug-in for the client's business processes.

If you have a problem with the use of this or that product - contact support, we guarantee you the implementation of your task.


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