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Google Docs - Applications, development, connectors, and integrations

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Google Docs is a web-based system that allows documents and tables created by the user to be stored on a special Google server, or exported to a file. This is one of the key advantages of the program, since access to the entered data can be carried out from any computer connected to the Internet (while access is password protected).

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Integration & Connectors Google Docs with:

Google Docs +

. Connectors, modules, and scripts for implementation and integration.

Integration MyStore and Google Docs
The integration of MySklad and Google Docs provides the following features:

- Unloading the product range from MyStore to Google Sheets
- Unloading balances for items from MyStore to Google Sheets
- Unloading product information from MyStore to Google Sheets

Additional features are available for consideration.

Integration deadline: up to 15 business days

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