Implementation, synchronization and API integration Poster (JoinPoster)

The Poster (JoinPoster) system accelerates the reception of sales, keeps warehouse and financial records, and builds detailed statistics about the activities of your institution.

Poster is a cloud service that allows you to automate a cafe, restaurant, bar or small shop on a tablet device.

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Integration & Connectors Poster (JoinPoster) with: Simla

Poster (JoinPoster) + Simla

Simla. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Simla and Poster connector

The integration of Simla and Poster provides such opportunities:
- Import goods from Poster to Simla;
- Synchronization of prices of goods from Poster to Simla and back
- Upload and synchronization of balances in both directions;
- Write off balances in Poster after placing the order in Simla;
- Refinement for your business processes and requirements.

Integration deadline: up to 15 business days



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