Implementation, synchronization and API integration Horoshop

Horosop is a platform that enables you to run your online store in the cloud.
Among the many functions in Khorosop there are Import from Excel, Accounting of balances, Online payment, SMS messages to customers, Integration by API and others.

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Transfer and data migration from Horoshop

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Integration & Connectors Horoshop with: Poster (JoinPoster), KeyCRM

Horoshop + Poster (JoinPoster)

Poster (JoinPoster). Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

Integration of Horosop and Poster POS

The integration of the Poster POS (Joinposter) and Horosop service provides the following opportunities:
- Unloading of goods from Poster POS in Horozhop
- Synchronization of goods with Poster POS in Horoshop
- Downloading orders from Horosop to Poster POS
- Downloading clients from Horosop to Poster POS (or vice versa)
- Additional required functionality is available for implementation

Horoshop + KeyCRM

KeyCRM. Connectors, modules, and scripts for integrations.

KeyCRM and Horoshop integration

The use of KeyCRM and Horoshop integration offers the following capabilities:

- Automatic updating of product prices from KeyCRM on the website.
- Synchronization of product stock levels between KeyCRM and the website.
- Transfer of orders from the website to KeyCRM.
- Additional features that can be enabled upon request.

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